Bluewater partners with Dockmate

Bluewater is pleased to announce they have entered into an agreement with Dockmate®, an extra pair of hands on board.

You, as a yacht skipper, can now maneuver your ship from any place on board thanks to our Dockmate® wireless control system.

You can flawlessly operate two motors, horn, bow thruster, stern thruster and windlass with your fingertips. Watch to the centimeter how you berth your boat safely.

Dockmate® is a wireless extension of your engine controls while maintaining the exact feeling (e.g. the response time of the gearbox) of all the accessories mentioned above. Dockmate ® was developed completely from scratch by us at our parent company PPA-Electronics.

After many years of building prototypes and extensive testing, we have developed several highly reliable and superb remote control products: the Dockmate® Single, Twin, Twist and Twist IPS (Integrated Propulsion System). Dockmate® allows every skipper to dock his boat single-handedly, as he is able to leave the helm and get a much closer look at his surroundings in marinas and other tight quarters, while still in complete control of the boat’s movement!

Wireless Joystick Control / Wireless Remote Control
Easily operate with the tips of your fingers:

  • One or two engines
  • Bow & stern thrusters
  • Anchor winch or windlass
  • Horn

Connect with Bluewater expert:

Telephone: +1.604.809.7245