Bluewater partners with SeaKeeper

December 1st, 2015 Vancouver, B.C. – Bluewater Rigging Ltd. Is pleased to announce they are entering a partnership with another global innovation leader, Seakeeper Inc.

Seakeeper is the world leader in active gyro stabilizer technology for the leisure yacht and commercial marine industry, and has chosen Bluewater Rigging to partner with for the Vancouver and Lower Mainland Coast area.

“We are excited to add Seakeeper to our well established group of industry innovators, and see a direct connection with the technology represented by their systems and our project vision” said founder Andrew MacDonald.

In representing this highly technical product for the Vancouver market we hope to provide a path between the already established Seakeeper owners in the area and Seakeeper directly as a service representative.

Stay in touch and updated on the Seakeeper entry to the Vancouver market, and more news here