Global Ocean Security Technology and Bluewater Partnership

Nov 1st, 2015 Vancouver, B.C. – Bluewater Rigging Ltd. Is pleased to announce the affiliation with Global Ocean Security Technology (GOST) , as their preferred provider of offboard vessel security and monitoring.

GOST is a proven marine security company, recognized and awarded a medal from the US Coast Guard for our assistance in vessel recovery. They have successfully recovered dozens of vessels through their award winning GOST Nav-Tracker systems which utilize the two way Inmarsat satellite constellation, the same satellites used by the US Defense Department and mandated by the IMO to have 99.99% reliability globally. They offer true global coverage, everywhere except the most extreme north and south poles.

“We have been actively pursuing a partnership with a security and monitoring equipment provider for an extended period, and couldn’t be happier to have ended up with a partnership with GOST. Gost has been innovating the Marine Security area/industry/niche since their inception, and are currently the Global leader in marine security and monitoring systems.”

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