5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Boat Service Company or Contractor

Your boat is like one of your children, which means you’re not going to just let anybody work on it. You need to find a technician you can trust to get the job done right at a reasonable price.

So, how do you go about choosing who should work on your boat? Here are five tips to help you identify the best boat service company or contractor for your vessel.

Determine What Work Needs to Be Done

Before you find someone to work on your boat you need to figure out what work they’ll be doing. Maybe you want a marine technician to take care of everything for you, or maybe you plan to do some of the work yourself.

In general, boat service companies and contractors can help you with:

  • Maintaining your hull
  • Maintaining your engine
  • Preparing your boat for offseason storage
  • Servicing electronics
  • Repairing any systems that aren’t functioning correctly

Determine what work you’re looking to get done so you have a better idea of what type of marine technician you’re looking for.

Ask About Their Training

Not every boat technician is created equal. Some have more training and experience than others. The very best in the industry are what’s known as “Master Technicians”, “Red Seal Marine Electricians”, “Certified Marine Mechanics” and they go through a rigorous training process to achieve that title.

Even if you’re just looking for someone to perform regular maintenance on your boat, don’t you want whoever you choose to have the highest level of education?

When considering a boat service company, ask about what certifications their technicians have and what their hiring criteria are. For contractors, inquire about their education level to ensure they’re qualified.

Get Recommendations

If you own a boat chances are you have friends that own one too. Ask them which service company or contractor they use and if there are any they would recommend.

Other boat owners will understand just how much you care about your boat. If they’re willing to recommend a particular technician then chances are they do really good work.

Check What Kinds of Boats They Work On

Some companies and contractors work with boats of all shapes and sizes, while others specialize in a particular type.

So, it’s important to ask whoever you’re considering what types of boats they usually work on. You might even want to visit their shop and have a look around. If you see a lot of boats like yours chances are they’ll be familiar with your vessel.

Be careful. Sometimes a technician will say they know how to work on your boat just to get the job, so do your research.

Ask About Wait Times

You may find a great service company or contractor, but if you have to wait weeks or even months before you can see them then it might be worth looking elsewhere. This is especially true for important repairs that prevent you from using your boat.

This is where using a boat service company is beneficial. They often have the capacity to work on multiple vessels at once so wait times are usually less.

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