6 Tips To Keep Your Boat Batteries Healthy

Just like any part of your boat, batteries require regular care and testing to ensure safety and functionality.

Battery failure can be any boater’s worst nightmare. From non-functioning bilge pumps to no morning coffee, batteries keep us connected and awake in so many ways. Here are Bluewater’s top 5 tips on keeping your boat batteries 100%

  1. Deep discharges can deplete electrolytes, distort battery life and shorten battery life considerably. Avoid this by ensuring you charge your battery regularly and before the low battery indicator comes on.
  2. Batteries can corrode or even explode due to a build up of gases inside. Ensure you battery is in a well-ventilated area to avoid this issue.
  3. Different battery banks can discharge at different times, leading to an uneven flow of electricity. Install a battery isolator to prevent this random discharging and allow for proper charging of multiple batteries at once.
  4. Battery movement can negatively impact connections and increase the risk of a fire. Secure your batteries with straps and/or boxes to remove this problem from the equation.
  5. Always check your manual to confirm your battery charger supports the type of battery you have installed

Our marine technicians are here to help with all of the above and more! We have a commercial battery testers and trained tech’s to check your battery’s resilience and condition to tell you where it is compared to its rated performance level.