Asea Power Systems promise precision and safety

ASEA Power Systems is a global pioneer in the design and manufacture of power conversion equipment for the marine sector.

Their products range in power from 8 to 1000+ kVA and are available in both air and liquid cooling configurations.

Their product applications include shore power converters, line voltage regulators, isolation transformers, generator management modules, clean grid converters, and custom built designs.

With 12 enclosure types, 3 cooling systems, and over 50 controls, alarms, and communication choices, their devices are highly customizable.

Their key products include:

  • ​​Dock Boost Transformer: This little, lightweight addition to your engine room automatically raises voltage to the right amount, preserving your delicate electronics and allowing you to use your equipment securely at any dock. The Dock Boost Transformer is also intended to be a straight replacement for the popular but now-discontinued Charles Iso-boost; having the same wire connection points and mounting style, the DBT is ideal for substituting existing Charles units. The DBT is an evident advance because to its larger input voltage range and 46% weight reduction.
    Trident Boosting System: The ASEA Trident system enables the connection of two 50A shore cables to a single 100A output. The DBT12s give three levels of boost to keep your ship fueled even when input voltages drop by 35%, and the paralleling box ensures that current is split evenly across the shore cords, allowing you to optimise the amount of power you can take from even the worst shore cord circumstances. The Three-Piece System is a straight successor for the popular but now defunct Charles PM3. New this year is ASEA’s Trident48, which offers dual 100A input / single 200A output.  The company will be releasing it at the Miami Boat Show next month.

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