Boater Tips for Staying Healthy and On The Water During COVID-19

We are open to serve boaters during the crisis with some adaptations.

We’re starting to get a clearer picture of the COVID-19 effects in BC and have been learning and adapting each day at Bluewater.  Taking care of the health of our boating clients and the Bluewater team is paramount in our marine work during this time.   With some important adaptations, we think boating can be part of your family’s way of life as you navigate this period.  Our tips:


It’s important that anyone working on your boat is practicing COVID-19 safety protocols.   At Bluewater, we have implemented the following protocols to keep clients and team members safe on and off the water during the crisis:


a. Disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces touched on client boats before leaving the boat each day (latches, railings, surfaces, systems).

b. Stay-home-and-test protocol: Bluewater has implemented a stay home and get tested or self quarantine for 14 days policy in the event any team members exhibit symptoms.

c. Team member protections are implemented including hand washing, extra cleaning in common areas, remote work for administrative tasks, no public transit, no hand shaking, and other measures recommended by public health officials.


As travel plans get cancelled and sports and entertainment go on hiatus, take advantage of your investment in a boat to get outside and experience the wonder of the water.  

Social distancing, hand washing, and other recommended health strategies can all be accomplished on your boat.   Enjoy an outing to your boat in place of higher risk activities or use your boat for overnight trips. Do not travel between communities (eg. Gulf Islands) in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Keep the guest list down to your household or parties that do not have symptoms.  More than ever, being on the water can be good for mental health and provide a break or distraction from the news.


If you have any concerns, feedback or special requests during this time, the Bluewater team is all ears.  These are unique times for all of us and we welcome any input or ideas that will help our clients.

Bluewater is standing by to continue upgrades, boat repairs, and maintenance on your vessel during COVID-19. The boat yards has been designated as essential services and will be open during the COVID-19 crisis. You don’t need to worry about being stranded in the yard.

If you need help installing or updating your boat’s heating system, repairing leaks, equipping Internet or TV to make it more comfortable or connected let us know.

As with any year, we recommend booking now for any servicing to ensure the boat is ready when you want it.  May and June get busy.

From the Bluewater team, stay safe, wash your hands and remember the water is a wonderful place to connect with family and get away.