Enhance Your Boating Experience with KVH Accessories

In this article, we’ll explore KVH’s products and go over some of the reasons why you might want to consider them for your boat.

Being out on the water is an amazing experience, but it can leave you a bit disconnected from the world. Want to know the score in the big game? Need to contact your friends on shore? If you don’t have any cell service this is usually impossible.

However, KVH offers satellite TV and communications systems designed specifically for leisure boats and yachts. They also provide digital compasses that make navigating easier than ever.

KVH Satellite TV Systems

If you’re on an extended trip there will likely be times where you need some entertainment. With KVH’s TracVision satellite TV systems, everyone onboard can watch their favorite shows in HD.

KVH offers two entertainment solutions:

  • TV-series: Enjoy hundreds of HD and SD channels, including movie and music stations, via regional Ku-band satellite services.
  • HD-series: Get global satellite TV access, all in stunning HD. Using KVH’s TriAD technology, you can receive signals from Bell TV, DIRECTV, and Dish Network.

KVH has options for all types of boats, including sailboats, leisure crafts, and yachts. They also offer different sized antenna depending on how far away from shore you plan to travel.

You’ll receive worldwide coverage, meaning no matter where you go you’ll have access to entertainment.

KVH Communications Solutions

Just because you’re out on the water doesn’t mean you want to be disconnected from your friends, family, and the internet. KVH’s communications products mean the important people in your life are just a phone call or click away, wherever you happen to be.

KVH has two options for those who want to stay connected:

  • VSAT: The TracPhone VSAT system allows you to enjoy fast and reliable phone service anywhere at sea, with speeds as fast as 20 Mbps.
  • LTE: Receive LTE data service up to 30+ kilometers offshore. Affordable data plans are available, ensuring you have access to the internet whether you’re docked or on the water.

Like their satellite systems, KVH’s communications products come in a number of variations to suit your needs.

KVH Digital Compasses

A compass is a critical tool for any boater, so it’s important that whatever compass you’re using is accurate. KVH offers two digital compasses that are extremely reliable, even in the roughest conditions:

    Azimuth 100: Delivers precise and accurate readings whether you’re sitting in calm waters or cruising through a rough patch.AutoComp 1000: Connect this digital heading sensor to your autopilot, GPS, radar, and video charts.

Want to Learn More About KVH Products?

Are you interested in one of the above products? Need some advice about the model that would best suit your boat? Contact one of our locations to speak to a Bluewater team member. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.