Espar Marine Heaters 

Why get a diesel boat heater?

Boaters consider diesel heating for several reasons. You may want to extend your boating season in cooler months or need extra warmth during summer evenings. A warm boat is usually dry, preventing mildew, rust, or mould. Most BC boats may add modern diesel heaters of various sizes and heating outputs. They heat your boat without the noise and cost of using the main engines. They can be fitted on gas or diesel-powered boats by tapping into the main fuel tank or installing a lightweight plastic diesel tank. Many sailors prefer the cost-effectiveness and independence of a diesel boat heater whether underway, at anchor, or in a marina.

How does a marine diesel heater work?

Marine diesel heaters are a loaf-sized gadget. They get bigger if more heat is needed yet are remarkably compact for the heat produced. A control panel can be positioned anywhere on the boat, although usually near the heater. Forced air heaters (also called airtronic) can be fitted with or without ducting to different boat regions. Hydronic heaters heat fluid and circulate it throughout the boat like a home radiator system. They have an enclosed combustion chamber that heats air or water that moves into vessel compartments. A sealed exhaust system removes exhaust from the boat. Not silent, but quiet enough for most boat owners.

Why buy Espar?

When it comes to boat heating in British Columbia waters, Espar is by far the most well-known and widely used option. They have been present on the market in British Columbia for at least twenty years, and they possibly have the most heaters in operation in British Columbia. They offer a highly established line of hydronic heaters, which are popular with larger yachts and boats that have several areas that need to be heated.

The majority of space-saving, fuel-operated air and hot water heaters are produced by Espar, which is the industry leader. Around the course of more than 60 years, Espar has been supplying heaters to boaters for both business and recreational purposes all over the world.

Here are just some things people love about this brand:

  • Low usage of both amperage and gasoline.
  • Quiet operation Eliminates condensation
  • Warranty on both the parts and the labour for a minimum of one year

Recent improvements made by Espar to their Airtronic heaters include the addition of a power boost mode, which enables users to experience rapid start heating, as well as continually changeable temperature settings.

Additionally, they now feature a fresh air option that may boost the air circulation throughout the boat, which is very helpful on hot days.

These heaters have undergone years of consistent improvement, which has resulted in their becoming more dependable, inexpensive, and less noisy.

The extensive selection of controls includes a variety of panels with switches and LCDs; alternatively, there is the most recent addition, EasyStart Call, which enables you to manage your heater through the use of a specialized smartphone application.

The application transforms the screen of your smartphone into a virtual control panel and sends the settings you choose to a GSM module that has been put in the heater.

These include the Airtronic D2 and S2 D2L (with a LOA of up to 32 feet), the D4+ and M2 D4L (with a range of 26 to 39 feet), the D5 (with a range of 36 to 49 feet), and the D8LC (49-62ft).

Whether you navigate by power or sail, an Eberspaecher diesel-fired heater will keep you warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather or season.