Mercury Marine Unveils New 600 HP V12 Verado

Mercury is always on the cutting edge of technology, and never has that been more true than with the unveiling of their new 600 HP V12 Verado engine.

Not only is this the largest outboard ever created, but its refined appearance and smooth operation mean it provides a luxurious experience that’s unrivaled in the industry.

Here are some of the highlights of this innovative engine:

Superior Performance

This 600 HP outboard is the industry’s first-ever V12 engine. It delivers an impressive 7.6 liters of displacement, and its quad-cam design produces an incredible amount of torque, which makes propelling even the largest boats easy. Because the engine works less it’s able to run longer and is far more reliable.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic two-speed transmission generates maximum torque and acceleration in first gear. Once you’re up to speed, it shifts to second for efficient cruising and thrilling top speeds. Shifting between gears is smooth without any clunk.

Independent, Steerable Gearcase

Electro-hydraulic controls mean the engine instantly reacts to your every command. Steering comes from the lower unit only so the upper housing doesn’t move. Precise movements allow for easy maneuvering around docks and exceptional steering in open waters.

Surprisingly Quiet

The engine utilizes an Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system that isolates noise and vibration. Plus, its tuning reduces induction sounds and almost completely eliminates injection noise. This puts its noise levels on par with the 300 HP Verado outboard.

Less Maintenance

An engine is only as good as its durability. The V12 Verado can run for 200 hours between oil changes, and more in-depth maintenance isn’t recommended until 1,000 hours or five years of operation. The innovative top cowl service hood makes servicing the engine easy without having to haul the boat out of the water.

Impressive Fuel Economy

Designed to get the most out of 87-octane fuel, the V12 Verado outboard has incredible fuel economy for such a large engine. Its dual propellers, hydrodynamic design, and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) allowed it to deliver 20% better fuel economy than 425 HP engines in testing.

Designed for Luxury

The 600 HP V12 Verado wasn’t just built for power. It was designed with luxury boats in mind, which is why it has more of a “corporate jet” appearance, rather than a “fighter jet” look. While it has the horsepower needed to drive even the largest boats, it also delivers a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride.

Want to Learn More About the V12 Verado?

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