Top marine electronics manufacturers for radar, chart plotters, and sonar

When it's time to go in the water, safety and efficiency depend on being able to see your current location and where you've been. This is true whether you're going fishing, taking a boat ride around the lake, or heading out to sea. 

Marine electronics have never been more diverse or more sophisticated than they are right now. That means that finding the correct devices might be a little daunting or scary at times. 

We'll do our best to keep things simple and to answer the questions you've got so you can make an informed decision for yourself.


Garmin's devices are built to withstand the rigours of everyday use. That way, their clients will be better able to make use of their free time. Garmin has more than 19,000 employees in 34 countries and serves the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and fitness sectors with GPS navigation and wearable technologies..


n 1948, Furuno was the first marine electronics business to produce fishfinders, which revolutionized Japanese fishing and fishing throughout the world. There are currently a number of marine electronics companies that provide high-quality fishfinders, but none have been able to match the commercial market dominance of Furuno. They make a wide range of nautical gear, but their best-known products are their fishfinders and radars.


Raymarine products have been around for more than 40 years and have shown themselves to be reliable companions on the water. Raymarine provides a solution for every boating need, from the powerful Axiom multifunction display to the award-winning Evolution autopilots to the tiny yet powerful Raymarine i40 instrument display series to the high-end, wide screen i70s instrument displays.

Lowrance/ B&G/ Simrad

When Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, and other brands are added together, they make up the biggest company that sells electronics for boats for fun. Lowrance is all about fishing and wants to help people catch more fish. Simrad has solutions for everything from RIBs to motor yachts. B&G is one of the most well-known and trusted sailboat brands in the world.