What Is The Cost Of a Seakeeper Stabilizing Gyro For My Boat?

If you’re looking to stabilize your boating experience, consider installing a Seakeeper gyro system.

The Seakeeper can be installed on boats from 25 ft to 100 ft plus.  They are popular with boaters that want a smooth ride for guests or family members and also with boaters that love to fish.  We often get asked “How much does a Seakeeper cost?”  An installed system starts at around $30,000 Canadian dollars for smaller boats and can double or triple for large yachts. The main factors affecting cost are size of boat (and therefore size/cost of Seakeeper model), location of other boat equipment and interior design (the unit needs roughly a 2-3’ square attached to the hull).

Complete a Seakeeper questionnaire online or contact Bluewater for a custom written estimate specific to your vessel – info@bluewaterrigging.com

Click here to take a look inside a Seakeeper to better understand how it works.