What’s the Best Watermaker for My Boat?

More and more boaters are adding watermakers to their vessels. But with so many options available it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most popular models to help you with your research. Keep reading to learn which watermaker is best for your boat.

What is a Watermaker?

A watermaker uses reverse osmosis to create freshwater from seawater. They’re often installed on boats to give passengers easy access to drinking water.

Why Do You Need a Watermaker?

Just to be clear, no boat needs a watermaker. However, depending on the type of boating you’re doing they’re certainly nice to have.

Here are a few benefits of installing a watermaker:

  • Having a continuous supply of drinking water means you can stay away from shore longer.
  • You always have access to clean water, even if you’re travelling to locations where the water quality is poor.
  • If you’re going on a multi-day trip a watermaker will save you space, since you don’t need to pack drinking water.
  • It provides clean water for showers.

The Most Popular Watermakers for Boats

Based on our experience, here are the most popular watermakers and the types of boats they’re best suited for:

Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Mini

This is one of the smallest watermakers available. Depending on the model you choose it measures anywhere from 2 – 3 cubic feet, making it perfect for boats where space is at a premium. The Aqua Whisper Mini uses a simple interface and can be monitored through either the control panel or an optional remote.

Ideal For: Small Powerboats and Sailboats

Aqua Whisper Mini

Village Marine LWM Series

This watermaker is another excellent option for smaller vessels that lack space and power. The unit is simple to install and operate, and it can run on either 12 or 24 volts. It features an acrylic flow meter that allows you to monitor production, and the high-pressure pump is designed to prevent corrosion.

Ideal For: Sailboats

Village Marine LWM Series

Village Marine LTM Series

This watermaker uses simple components for straightforward manual operation. It also includes ready to mount modules to provide you with more flexibility when it comes to installation. An optional salinity monitor can be included to help monitor water quality.

Ideal For: Sailboats and Fishing Vessels

Village Marine LTM Series

Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Pro

This model features both traditional manual functions and a touch-pad control panel for easy operation. The high-pressure pump is extra quiet and can be run for 2500 hours before any maintenance is required. It also includes an automatic shutdown option and a fail-safe design.

Ideal For: Mid to Large Yachts

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Aqua Whisper Pro

Sea Recovery Aqua Matic

The Aqua Matic offers automatic operation that can be programmed using the full-colour touchscreen control panel. The screen also displays water quality levels and informs you when any maintenance is required. A compact design means this watermaker takes up very little space on your boat.

Ideal For: Mid to Extra Large Yachts

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Aqua Matic

Have Questions About Watermakers?

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