Yanmar engines for sailboat and small craft

Yanmar has an excellent reputation for building high-end marine engines. They build a wide range of different engines, including a special category for sailboat and small craft engines.

Yanmar has an excellent reputation for building high-end marine engines. They build a wide range of different engines, including a special category for sailboat and small craft engines. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out what makes them special, and if a Yanmar engine is right for you. 

Common Rail Technology 

Yanmar uses common rail technology in most of their engines. This technology was originally invented to help engines meet strict automotive emissions limitations in Europe. 

Yanmar decided to marinize this technology, in line with their strict engineering standards, to bring common rail technology to the water. 

Common rail technology is a high-pressure fuel injection and sensor system that results in better engine performance with fewer emissions. The result is a more comfortable ride with an overall increase in efficiency. 

In short, common rail technology uses a larger number of sensors throughout the engine. These sensors monitor various temperatures, air and fluid pressures, and the positions of the throttle, crank, and cam. 

All this information is fed to the ECU, which dictates in real-time what your engine needs to perform at its peak. The ECU then regulates fuel from the fuel pump and controls precisely when and how much fuel to inject from a single high-pressure fuel rail. 

This technology is key in Yanmar’s 5X best in class common rail engines. 

5x Best In Class 

The 5x Best In Class is Yanmar’s way of staying true to delivering the most cutting edge technology as standard across their entire range. To do this, they make sure that all of their engines are best in class across 5 key aspects; clean, interconnective, quiet, powerful, and fuel efficient.

  • Clean – Yanmar engines don’t only meet global emissions standards, they surpass them. The reality is that a clean, efficient engine will give you a better boating experience. With less smoke and odour coming from your engine, you’ll have a more comfortable experience on board. 
  • Interconnective – While the engine is the powerhouse of your vessel, its use is quite limited all on its own. Yanmar connects your engine with all of the latest electronic components and digital displays to give you complete control of your engine, based on real time reports and feedback. 
  • Quiet – This also goes hand in hand with on board comfort. Yanmar uses advanced technology to mitigate excessive noise and vibration levels coming from your engine. 
  • Powerful – Yanmar engines have a high level of torque that gives you all the power and control that you need. 
  • Fuel efficiency – The common rail technology used in Yanmar engines results in less fuel consumption with increased performance thanks to the precision in the digitally controlled fuel injection system. 

Engines For Sailboats And Small Craft 

On the smaller end of the scale, Yanmar offers the 1GM10. The rated output for the smallest engine in their range is 9 mhp. It’s designed to be used for sail boats and is compatible with the SD25 Saildrive. 

While this engine is smaller in size and power rating, you can be sure you’re still getting cutting edge technology to give you the most efficient engine for your needs. 

On the other end of the spectrum of engines for sailboats and small craft is the 4JH3-DTE. This larger engine has a power rating of 125 mhp for maximum speed and power for your small boat. 

The Yanmar range of engines covers all sizes of engines between the two extremes shown above. So whatever size engine you need for your sail boat or small craft, Yanmar has you covered. 

Compatible Products 

Yanmar has a range of products that are compatible with their engines. When it comes to monitoring some vital engine statistics, there are two different mechanical panels that you can use with your small engine. 

The B20 panel is the simpler of the two start/stop tachometers offered by Yanmar. It includes a tachometer and a pre-heat control so you can keep an eye on your engine. 

The C30 is a bit more advanced. It includes oil pressure and water temperature gauges as well as the tachometer and pre-heat control. 

Both the B20 and the C30 are compatible with Yanmar’s sailboat and small craft engines. 

Which Engine Is Right For You? 

Yanmar has a range of smaller engines designed specifically for sailboats and small crafts. Before you make a decision, make sure the engine you want to buy is compatible with the gears and drives you already have on your boat. Or be prepared to replace your gears and drives with compatible versions. 

The bottom line is that Yanmar engines are legendary for their reliability. Their commitment to excellence and innovation, paired with rigorous testing in extreme conditions, means that you’ll get an engine that will reliably take you on many voyages. 

Here at Bluewater we supply and service a wide range of Yanmar engines, transmissions, and drives.