Kohler Pleasure Craft Generators

Kohler pleasure craft generators   For most boats on the water that need auxiliary power, a marine-grade genset is the obvious solution. The bigger the boat, the more power it needs, and the bigger the power generating engine needs to be.  When it comes to buying...

How to maintain propellers

How to maintain propellers   Boat propulsion is a combination of a host of things working together. While your engine might get all the attention, it’s your propellers that are doing a lot of the hard work.  Maintaining your propellers in tip top shape has a big...

Volvo Penta & Yanmar Engines

Volvo Penta & Yanmar Marine Engines   Whether you’re browsing for a new-to-you-vessel, or looking to repower something you already have, you might be faced with the Volvo Penta vs Yanmar marine engine debate.  Both of these engines have developed a solid...


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