FLIR cameras offer the World a Sixth Sense


FLIR (an acronym for “forward-looking infrared”) is dubbed “The World’s Sixth Sense” by Teledyne. Their products enable superhuman vision, assisting people all over the world in saving lives, protecting the environment, and increasing productivity.

FLIR Maritime has a thermal camera system for every vessel and any budget for sailors.

Thermal imaging cameras detect and show images based on minute variations in heat rather than light. FLIR detectors collect the thermal energy emitted or reflected by everything, including ice, in conditions ranging from complete darkness to moonlight. FLIR cameras then transform minute temperature changes into easy-to-understand infrared video pictures, allowing you to see at night and navigate in complete darkness.

Marine Fixed Mount Thermal Cameras allow you to see what you need to see in the dark to keep you safe, confident, and secure on the water. FLIR thermal imaging works during the day to allow you to see clearly through solar glare, smoke, and even mild fog.

Natural and man-made hazards like as floating debris, boulders, ice, land, bridge abutments, and other vessels can be easily detected by these cameras.

FLIR thermal imaging detects hazards like as jetties, rocks, navigation aids, and more, day or night. After being charged by sunlight, these items continue to generate infrared heat all night. It also detects kayaks, paddleboards, and personal watercraft in real time. Because of his own body heat, the kayaker is a prime target for FLIR thermal imaging. Finally, thermal imaging is the quickest method of detecting a person in the water. FLIR’s InstAlert colour palette can even highlight the hottest target in a scene in red, allowing for faster and easier detection.

Their handheld camera systems are suitable for use in dinghies, tenders, and runabouts. They also provide portable convenience aboard larger ships and in the great outdoors. Their fixed mount thermal camera systems are available in look-ahead or pan-tilt-zoom configurations that effortlessly interact with several major marine multifunction displays, monitors, and onboard displays.

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