How To Start A Career As A Marine Mechanic Or Marine Technician


As a result of British Columbia’s 26,000 kilometers of coastline and numerous lakes and rivers, the maritime sector has emerged as a major economic force in the province. In addition to offering adventure to locals and tourists alike, this length of coastline also provides excellent employment opportunities – at sea but also on land.

It is estimated that ships transport 74% of all global trade. As a result, shipbuilding and ship maintenance, particularly navy vessels and ferries, are high on the priority list for both the country and the province. Over the next several years, this industry is expected to receive an estimated $10 billion in new investment in British Columbia alone.

The expanding recreational maritime sector in British Columbia also employs hundreds of highly qualified technicians in towns along the province’s coast and across the province’s interior.

If you are exploring the idea of a career in the trades there are a lot of great options open to you. If you have narrowed your interest down to marine mechanic or marine technician, keep reading to learn more.


Marine Service Technician

The maritime service business encompasses a wide range of technical disciplines. Engineers and technicians who build, refit, maintain, survey, and repair vessels up to 150 feet in length are referred to as Marine Service Technicians (MSTs). They work in marinas, boatyards, service centers, and specialist companies that serve the ever-expanding small craft/recreational maritime market. 

The BC Industry Training Authority issues a Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) to certified marine service technicians. The CofQ is the industry standard for Marine Service Technicians and is a journeyperson ticket. 


Marine Mechanical Technician

Installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of engines, drive trains, and other mechanical, electrical and fluid systems used in the recreational marine sector are the responsibilities of a Marine Mechanical Technologist. This job includes all areas of diesel engine repair, gasoline engine repair, outboard engine repair, conventional inboard drive train maintenance, and stern drive repair, among other things.

The Marine Mechanical Technician curriculum allows the trainee to use their new knowledge in the workplace. These new skills and knowledge are reinforced on campus in the workshop under the supervision of the teacher.

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