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For most boats on the water that need auxiliary power, a marine-grade genset is the obvious solution. The bigger the boat, the more power it needs, and the bigger the power generating engine needs to be. 

When it comes to buying a generator for your boat, it’s best to go with tried and trusted brands that have proven track records. There are just too many things that could go wrong at critical times to rely on an unproven brand. Have you ever gone dead-ship on the open ocean? Not a fun experience. 

Kohler is one of the trusted brands for marine generators. They’ve been building generators for over 100 years and still maintain a reputation of building some of the best. They also have a range of generators designed specifically for pleasure craft. Let’s get into some details. 


Is A Generator Right For You? 

Before we get into the generators, a word on installing one in your boat. Generators need to run frequently. That means they should be started, brought up to operating temperature, and put under load at least twice a month, if not weekly. 

A generator that does not get used often is a generator that will cause you problems. If you’re only planning on using your generator occasionally, be prepared and able to fire it up regularly as part of your maintenance. If this is unrealistic for you, you might want to look for alternative options for your power needs. 

Alright, enough of that. Let’s get into the Kohler generators. 


Whisper Quiet 

Kohler builds and distributes a huge range of generators. They build generators that produce anywhere from 5kW to 200kW. One thing they all have in common is that they are powered by diesel. 

One of the reasons for this is that most boats run on diesel, so it makes sense that your generator uses the same fuel as your vessel, otherwise things can get confusing. 

What Kohler has done to try and set themselves apart from their competitors is to focus on making the quietest generators available. If you have any experience with generators, marine or otherwise, you know how noisy they can be. They are big engines after all. 

It certainly doesn’t help that many generators have to be installed near to the main recreational areas of your boat, like the aft deck. With the wrong generator, that lazy lunch at anchor could turn into a noisy, fume-filled experience. Not very enjoyable. 

So Kohler has focused on making their generators as quiet as possible. They’ve done this by completely redesigning their sound shield, with the engine and alternator being in separate compartments. They’ve also improved their air management system, which results in a much quieter generator. 

High noise levels are not the only way generators disturb the peace. They also vibrate when in use, which can further disrupt the comfort onboard. Kohler has tackled this, too, with their proprietary vibration mounts. This is all part of their mission to increase peace and quiet onboard, whether your generator is running or not. 


More Power When You Need It

Kohler has also differentiated themselves by creating the first and only marine generators with built-in parallelling controllers. This means you can run up to 8 Kohler generators, of varying sizes, in parallel. All this happens with just one single communication wire. 

What this means for you is that you can scale up your power generation according to your needs. Or even better, your power generation will scale itself up according to your needs, with no input from you. 

When the load is light, only one generator will be running. When the load increases, further generators will turn on to give you more power. This is really useful for pleasure vessels on the larger side. Is your chef preparing food, turning on extra appliances in the galley and increasing your power load? Not to worry. Your Kohler power generation system will bring more generators online to handle the extra load. Once dinner service is over and the evening is winding down, your power generation will scale down accordingly. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about going dead ship every time somebody turns on a power hungry appliance. 



Peace and comfort are all well and good, but how do Kohler generators perform? Well, after over 100 years of building generators, Kohler generators perform very well. 

They believe every component of every generator they build is a testament to their quality. Each new version they release gets smaller, quieter, and more reliable. Each generator is built to exceed any certified class standards, so you can rest assured you’re running the best. 

Their pleasure craft generators come with a 2 year warranty, with the option to buy more years if you so wish. 

Kohler also stocks a large range of accessories to go with their generators. Things like remote digital gauges and ship-to-shore connectors are available as add-ons to ensure you have a seamless experience with any Kohler generator you install. 


Experience You Can Trust 

For a quiet, reliable generator from a trusted brand with over a century of experience, you can’t look past Kohler. They are continuously innovating to improve their product offerings while relying on their years of experience to consistently produce top quality generators for the marine industry. 

It’s worth repeating that any marine generator needs to be run and put under load regularly. There are many folks out there that promise to never patronize a certain brand again due to an unreliable generator. A lot of the time, these generators have been left unused for too long. In a marine environment, moisture issues are some of the most common causes for faults when it comes to electronics or engines. 

Running your generator, bringing it up to temperature and putting it under load can mitigate many of these moisture issues, as well as issues with stagnant fluid sitting too long in your lines and engine components.


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