Konrad Marine Analysis Form

Marine Analysis Form – Please enter the information as completely and accurately as possible
Drawings 1 and 2 are at the bottom of this form, some questions will refer to these drawings for dimensions

    Vessel Condition

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    Principal Vessel Condition:

    All calculations will be based on this data, so this should reflect the principal operating condition of the vessel. If possible, attach a sketch, photograph or print of the vessel.
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    Hull Material (*required)

    Vessel voltage (DC): (*required)

    Engine Room Geometry

    Proposed Engine/Gear

    Engine: (*required)

    Steering: (*required)

    Cylindar Placement: (*required)

    Prior Performance

    Note: Information about prior trial performance of the vessel (or one exactly like it) will improve the accuracy and reliability of the analysis. Define this data as accurately as possible - do not guess. This data should be for typical operation at the vessel condition described above.

    Equipment : (*required)

    Drawing 1

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